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Thank you

This is Patricia Andreoli, wife of Daphne Worth, who you all knew as Trollcatz. Daphne died yesterday in New York City from injuries suffered in an accident.

I know she treasured her imaginary internet friends, and wished she had a chance to meet more of you in person. She was surprised and pleased at the depth and breadth of the friendships she made here. She often read comments aloud to me, and admired your intelligence and humor.

If you'd like to make some gesture of respect and farewell, please donate to My Sister's Place, a Washington, D.C. shelter for victims of domestic abuse, in Daphne's name. You can donate with a check mailed to My Sister's Place, P.O. Box 29596, Washington, DC 20017, or donate via PayPal at http://www.mysistersplacedc.org/make-a-donation.html.

Daphne understood that the greatest act of heroism is kindness. In her memory, be kind today.

...And there goes the weekend

But hey, we got a day and a half of this one! And I got to sleep in for two whole mornings. Too bad I don't have a big lawn this would get me out of mowing.

As a law enforcement professional--

--I should probably not love this cover as much as I do.

But it's made of puppies.

Creepy, creepy puppies.

In other news, man, that was a thunderstorm. Now I'm going back to bed!

Even robots do it!

Stand up on it, little feller!

Plan X from vacationland....

Hey, Platyplural! What do you think of taking a week of your leave in October? We could dirtbag out to Devil's Tower like you mentioned? T's people want her and me up for the second week of October, and then if I do a week with you before and a week with just T after...

That works out really well.

And nobody's claimed October on the Sheet yet. (Duke, don't you dare.)

Song of the Day!

OhMiGawd how I want a choral rendition of this on the Mall RIGHT NOW!

Also, a picnic. With white wine and strawberries.

I didn't think I'd ever say this--

Yep, she gets it now.

My feet hurt.

La Sportiva came by the gym tonight with demo shoes.

I've never been the kind of girl with a thousand pairs of shoes. That's my coworker Wonder Woman's gig.

...I tried on six pairs of shoes tonight and I still don't know which ones I want to go home with. standuponit has convinced me it's time to "get a pair of grownup shoes," which apparently means Shoes That Hurt When You Walk In Them.

But which pair?

The Solutions, with their foot-hugging stretch and the amazing arch? The pretty green and silver Nagos? The Miura VSs? (They have flowers!) The sproingy comfy Katanas? (Platypus would say they didn't hurt enough.)

...Oh, I didn't climb so great. But the shoes.

And now my wife is rubbing my (sore) feet.