April 5th, 2009

Federal Agent

It's the same direction: Up.

So why am I sore in different places after yesterday's expedition Outside?

But it was awesome. New route (for me, anyway) on Old Rag. It was tough and tricky and I had three utterly embarrassing flail sections in spite of excellent Platypus advice, but at last I triumphed, like this: ! And was so full of adrenaline that we had to go throw ourselves at a bouldering problem downslope, which I fell off halfway up, which, for some reason, was hysterically funny. To me, anyway. But this is my journal, so it's, you know, about me. *g*

And I sunburned my nose. So it's totally spring, and I am a Happy Harpy.

Good thing, too, since the house is demolished. Well, partially. Mighty Contractor J adores the Platypus; she says if he ever gets tired of shooting at things, he can come work for her. She also regrets that neither T. nor I are as tall as Platypus, since we have high ceilings. She says it's wasted on us. *g* During the planning meeting they bounced around our intact-if-inadequate kitchen like kids with new Legos. MCJ has figured out how to re-use all the good 1950s solid birch cabinets (and where to rent the dumpster for the horrible fiberboard and laminate 1970s ones, presumably).

The refrigerator is plugged in in the dining room, and the microwave and the coffee maker sit beside it on a folding table. We won't starve. Yet.

Other Wisdom of MCJ:

1. Kitchen islands are a sub-optimal location for a range top. By definition, a lot of traffic moves around an island. Some of that traffic may be distracted, or may slip on a spinach leaf. Said traffic would be better off not running the risk of putting its hand down on a hot burner.

(I startled her by saying I'd once responded to three home emergency calls in one month that involved burns and kitchen island stoves. MCJ is not used to remodeling kitchens for AdventureSquad! members.)

2. You do not want a bigger kitchen. You want a kitchen two people can work comfortably in. After that, you want a more efficient kitchen. Bigger will only mean that the colander is always too damned far away.

3. Though you can have too many square feet, you cannot have too many electrical outlets. Or well-placed light sources.

4. Figure out where you'll spend the longest stretches of time in the kitchen, and put it where it has a view. We have a rowhouse, and no kitchen windows, so I figured this was a moot point. But MCJ gave me that "Don't make me slap you upside the head, Grasshopper" look and pointed out this is an open-plan remodel. The good view from the kitchen is into the dining room and living room. Oh, duh!

(She also worked out a totally sneaky way to get natural light into the kitchen via a skylight, even though the kitchen is on the first floor. It would add mondo bucks to the total cost, though, so we're holding off deciding on that 'til the last minute. We'll probably pass.)

Yes, there was dancing Friday. Our progress along the Trail of Clubs was interrupted only once: OMG unanticipated karaoke nightmare! We fled. *g*