April 27th, 2009

Federal Agent

You knew this was coming.

First, read this.

Then, assemble one of these.

Third, get plenty of rest and exercise, drink fluids, eat nutritious food,  and handwash, handwash, handwash. Your flu vaccination (which you got, right?) will not protect you from this one. If you get sick, call your doctor (if you have a doctor) and stay home. Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate.

Don't panic.

(Note large friendly yellow letters.)

No, you cannot get the swine flu from eating pork or from going out in the cold.

The "good" news is, all the known deaths so far are in Mexico, and cases reported elsewhere seem "mild" (as mild as flu gets, meaning, not requiring hospitalization (ETC: One US case required hospitalization)). Which may mean that there's a second, opportunistic infection piling in in Mexico City (though that's total speculation on my part) or it may mean something else entirely.

*political commentary about the lack of current heads for certain relevant government agencies redacted*