September 13th, 2009


overheard at the crag:

Nothing like coming home from nearly a week on the road to get in a few quality hours on a rock face.

"If I'd known there was a sport where I could lie on the floor and people would lower shirtless boys at me, I would have signed up years earlier."

"Everybody got off the pitch safely, but then five climbers broke their ankles on the way down the approach."

"That big black X means don't use that hold. It's not safe."
"That big black X has been there for twenty years."
"Maybe we've had it wrong all this time, and it's really a treasure map."
"You mean like--ROCK! Ooops, BULLION!"

"Fall away."
(that one never gets old)

"So if he knocks the cliff down on us, I'll duck under that overhang. Worthy, you step behind that tree, and... (to Tasha, who was halfway up a 5.10 at the time), I'm sorry, you're on your own. Try to surf it."

"So what the hell do I do about this roof here?"
"Try being Tasha. She didn't have any trouble with it."

"Hey, Mike, I guess I should have told you about the cut in the rope."
"Just one? Yeah, well, that's okay then."
"Yeah, it's not like it's gonna break in two places."
(There really was no cut in the rope. Bushy was just being Bushy)

"That thing on your left is called a foothold."