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My feet hurt.

La Sportiva came by the gym tonight with demo shoes.

I've never been the kind of girl with a thousand pairs of shoes. That's my coworker Wonder Woman's gig.

...I tried on six pairs of shoes tonight and I still don't know which ones I want to go home with. standuponit has convinced me it's time to "get a pair of grownup shoes," which apparently means Shoes That Hurt When You Walk In Them.

But which pair?

The Solutions, with their foot-hugging stretch and the amazing arch? The pretty green and silver Nagos? The Miura VSs? (They have flowers!) The sproingy comfy Katanas? (Platypus would say they didn't hurt enough.)

...Oh, I didn't climb so great. But the shoes.

And now my wife is rubbing my (sore) feet.
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